The Association of Air Ambulances (Charity) Ltd (AAAC) is a facilitator for all air ambulance charities that have contractual rights over a helicopter used for emergency medical missions. It is reactive yet responsive to large and regional donors who wish to donate to multiple air ambulance charities.

If a local or regional organisation wishes to donate to all air ambulances, a selection air ambulances in a country in the UK such as England and Wales or a region; the local air ambulance to that organisation with the AAAC will aid them fulfilling their donation.


Cash Donations

If you wish to make a donation to multiple air ambulance charities, please either send your donation to Association of Air Ambulances (Charity) Limited at 50 High Street, Henley in Arden, Warwickshire, B95 5AN or call 01564 339959.

Organisations Wishing To Fundraise or Make a Donation

In the first instance please contact your local air ambulance asking for their Corporate Fundraising Team or Head of Fundraising. Initially they will aid you by taking information and then liaising with the AAAC to engage the other UK wide air ambulance charities.

Gifts in Wills

The AAAC receives gifts from generous people wishing to make a gift to all air ambulances charities. To make a gift, speak with a trained approved adviser, giving the details below of the AAAC.


Donations received, unless specified will be equally distributed across all air ambulance charities that own or have contractual rights over an air ambulance within the UK.

Air Ambulance Charities

There are 20 air ambulance charities across the UK, if you work or fundraise for one of those charities and have an organisation that wishes to donation to multiple air ambulances charities the AAAC can assist you to aid the donor. For further information contact Andrew Scriven, Corporate Liaison Officer on 01564 339957 and