Magpas Air Ambulance

Magpas Air Ambulance was the brainchild of Dr Neville Silverston MBE. Dr Silverston commenced an out of hour’s radio paging service for local GP’s in 1971. This quickly evolved into an immediate care scheme where GP’s were called to the scenes of road traffic accidents in their area. Magpas Air Ambulance became a registered charity in 1972.

The Mid Anglia General Practitioner Accident Service (Magpas) had taken its first steps under the care of Dr Silverston and Dr Derek Cracknell a GP from Huntingdon. This service was voluntary and the doctors responded in their own cars. They provided expertise to the fledgling ambulance service. The next 30 years saw the Ambulance service evolve developing their staff and their fields of expertise. The NHS became better equipped to deal with all manner of emergencies.

Magpas Air Ambulance now consists of highly trained doctors and paramedics from around the UK, many of whom volunteer their time to work with Magpas Air Ambulance. We have attended over 60,000 patients in 40 years, saving countless lives! 

The key focus for Magpas Air Ambulance is to deliver front line medical care within the right time frame where it is needed most, supporting the NHS Ambulance Service. Our goal is not only to save people’s lives but for them to recover more quickly, spend less time in hospital and return to a good quality of life.

Magpas Air Ambulance receives no state funding and relies wholly on generous donations from the public. Whether you are a Magpas Lottery member, fundraising volunteer or a Magpas Air Ambulance sponsor, we are enormously grateful for your support!

Centenary House,
St Mary's Street,
PE29 3PE

Tel: 01480 371060


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