South East Coastal Ambulance Service

Covers a geographical area of 3,600 square miles (Brighton & Hove, East Sussex, West Sussex, Kent, Surrey, and North East Hampshire) We work across a diverse geographical area of 3,600 square miles which includes densely populated urban areas, sparsely populated rural areas and some of the busiest stretches of motorway in the country. We have over 3,200 staff working across 70 sites in Kent, Surrey and Sussex. Around 85 per cent of our workforce is made up of operational staff – those caring for patients either face to face, or over the phone at one of our three emergency dispatch centres where we receive 999 calls. Our patients range from the critically ill and injured who need specialist treatment, to those with minor healthcare needs who can be treated at home or in the community. Last year (2010/11), we received 688,714 emergency calls from members of the public or other healthcare professionals – 38% of the calls were categorised as immediately life-threatening (Category A emergency calls). We reached 195,700 of these patients within eight minutes (77.61%).

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