National Air Ambulance Week

You can make a difference today!

11th - 17th September 2017!


Air Ambulance charities across the country receive fantastic support every single day from the community, businesses and friends of the service.  However during National Air Ambulance Week (NAAW) all of the member charities of AAA get together to promote the work undertaken locally but also on a national basis to give a national voice. You can get involved now and start organising your event for the next National Air Ambulance Week.  National Air Ambulance Week (NAAW) takes place in the last week of September each year.  NAAW is the opportunity to give the local Air Ambulance charities a national united voice, promoting all of the hard work which goes on not only during NAAW but every single day of the year.

The first nationally-coordinated National Air Ambulance Week (NAAW) in 2012 proved an excellent focal point for charities to raise awareness and boost their fundraising. With media coverage across many outlets, including The Sun, local press and radio (Heart FM), and local television news, as well as invaluable support from Sir David Jason, we hope this annual week will make many more people aware of the work of air ambulances.

Click here to find out where your local Air Ambulance is and how to contact them.

Our Previous Years

2014 NAAW


Another Colourful NAAW!

NAAW presents the ideal opportunity for air ambulance charities in the UK to explain how they collectively generate £96.7 million a year, operate 36 helicopters, and have a volunteer network of over 2,500 people. 

With many charities investing funds to expand their operations to provide Night HEMS missions or second helicopters - or investing in the advanced education and training of their paramedics and doctors, the NAAW Effect is a vital fillip to their fundraising. 

The Association, and in particular the Communications Subcommittee, have worked hard this year to give individual member charities the tools and opportunities to make the most of NAAW in their own regions. AAA has worked at a national level to raise awareness, including getting NAAW mentioned in various news outlets and on one of the most listened to radio shows in the land - Chris Evans on Radio 2. 

This year, individual charities have taken up the challenge of asking famous supporters, their own staff and members of the public to get involved by recording a short video saying 'I support my local air you?' and then posting the video on social media. 

2013 NAAW


NAAW  this year will be even bigger and better! We hope this special week, celebrating all that is good both on a local and national platform will grow year on year.  

Why not sign up now to do something for your local Air Ambulance?  You could dress up as your favourite super hero or go  to work in your pyjamas, and pay a quid or get sponsored.  Or if baking is more your thing you could sell cakes at school or work. Click here to find out where your local Air Ambulance is based.  They would love to hear from you!

2012 NAAW


2012 was the first year that all AAA Charity members got together to work collaborately on NAAW.  However the ethos was very much 'Support your local Air Ambulance'. However working under the AAA umbrella also enabled the charities to gain national coverage from the likes of The Sun and Heart FM.