NAAW - 11th to 17th September 2017
Why not raise funds for your local  Air Ambulance?

National Air Ambulance Week (NAAW) is the last week of September each year.  It is a time when member Air Ambulance Charities come together across the county, giving a national voice, raising awareness of the lifesaving service provided by local air ambulance services.

The first nationally-coordinated National Air Ambulance Week (NAAW) in 2012 proved an excellent focal point for charities to raise awareness and boost their fundraising. With media coverage across many outlets, including The Sun, local press and radio, and local television news, as well as invaluable support from Sir David Jason, we hope this annual week will make many more people aware of the work of air ambulances.

Following on from 2012, National Air Ambulance Week has been a highly successful platform for the air ambulance charities, their supporters and all involved in the industry to come together and grow awareness around the incredible work which is undertaken seven days a week.

Each of the air ambulance charities operate individually across the country and NAAW creates the opportunity to fundraise both on a local initiative but also together as a joined up community.

Since the creation of the Association of Air Ambulances (Charity) Ltd in late 2015, NAAW has been increasingly used by corporate organisations to support all air ambulance charities of the UK. The ability to support multiple air ambulances has increased exposure and awareness around the lifesaving work which continues to take place across the country.

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